Mechanism of Action: Natural Photodynamic Inactivation

Our technology combines a natural plant extract and light to destroy bacteria in a process called photodynamic inactivation (PDI). Light activates our natural photosensitizer, turning the photo-active natural extract into a powerful antibiotic with immediate action, killing 100% of unwanted bacteria instantly.


The rapid onset of antimicrobial activity delivers a one­-two punch: it overcomes the problem of lack of substantivity that compromises the efficacy of traditional antibiotics in the oral cavity, and it eliminates the possibility of antibiotic resistance. The extract also contains natural antiinflammatory agents that protect sensitive areas from bacterial irritation, providing additional therapeutic benefit. This easy-­to­-use product is safe and effective in protecting orthodontic patients from the harmful bacteria that are known to colonize fixed appliances, especially in those places that are hardest to reach with mechanical brushing and flossing. The result is total elimination of white spot lesions caused by wearing braces, improving not only oral health, but overall health.

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